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We all goin' out dancin' tonight. Care to join us?

No, I got two left feet. 

Rei Ryugazaki
Free! Eternal Summer - Episode 4


Imagine Person A of your OTP finally has a day off after being so busy and really wants to do one of their favorite hobbies with someone. A doesn’t ask B because they know B doesn’t have much interest in it, so they try asking friends, only to get a no every single time. A gets extremely dejected to the point of tears, until B comes and decides to join them because they don’t want to see A crying or with a sad face.



This is going to be the best Sesame Street episode ever, you guys.

Watch a bunch more teasers from Sesame’s upcoming 45th season right here.


Mt. Haleakala, Hawaii, USA by Belindah


s h i n e・・・★

When our eyes met, we'd always look away. Then we'd make eye contact again.

The enlightened by RW09


Disney/Pixar Females - Hair Colours: What’s your favourite? (Mine’s Red)

Reblog if you want to know which Disney character your followers ship you with!

Romantic pairings, BROTPs, and platonic ships are all acceptable.

Bonus points if you include a NOTP.


Face à Face by Fraisine

sunrise on the ocean by me


sunrise on the ocean by me